Harnessing the potential of new urban services in EU cities

Ratna Oy is a technology company focused on secure IoT applications using blockchains. Our solutions are created to grow the foundation for smart communities and applications of the future in the European smart city landscape.

Next generation IoT and network solutions

IoT and blockchain technologies lay the foundation for future networking solutions and smart phones will combine the reliability and security with the intuitive user experience. Through this they will become a fundamental part new businesses shaping the landscape of B2C, B2B and community business models.

Waste Management

Operational efficiency for waste managemenet can be achieved with Ratna's wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensors.

Last Mile Delivery

Use the Ratna solutions to decrease the extra costs, distance traveled and emissions.

Shared Places

Ratna's retrofittable, battery powered, smart Pin Code reader can be easily updated using LoRaWan connectivity. Access is thus not dependent of a physical device (key, tag, phone) and the PIN codes can be made valid only through the reservation time span.

Parking Space Management

Ratna's smart contract based parking management system augmented with easy-to-install long life span parking occupancy sensor technology provides a platfom for a smart city traffic managent system

Smarter life with machine-to-machine platform

Ratna aims to provide a light and retrofittable machine-to-machine platform for space exploitation, waste management and smart traffic control in EU cities and municipalities characterized by combining smart devices for urban spaces, and light IoT gateways with true value transfer via smart contracts on private blockchains